TNR Barbed Wire is a type of wire fencing that is commonly used for security and animal control. It is made up of a main wire with sharp barbs attached to it at regular intervals. The barbs make it difficult for intruders or animals to climb over the fence, providing a barrier that is both effective and difficult to bypass. TNR Barbed Wire is available in various weights, including 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg rolls, making it easy for customers to purchase the exact amount they need for their project. TNR Barbed wire is also known for its many advantages, such as its durability and strength, it's easy to install and maintain, it's cost-effective, and it can be used for both residential and commercial projects. Additionally, TNR Barbed wire is also rust-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal option for outdoor use. Overall, TNR Barbed Wire is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure fencing solution for their property. Whether you're looking to protect your home or business, TNR Barbed wire provides an effective barrier that is both strong and durable.